Terra Tool



The Terra Tool is designed to work for you all year round. 

Whether you need to make a ditch or smooth out rough work left by larger equipment. It can smooth your gravel or move your snow.  It can move into places at angles that other blades can't match while giving operators a fine degree of control at all times. 

We are very happy to adapt each Terra tool custom to your specifications. 



The Terra Tool Features Hydraulic controlled wings enabling you to adjust your blade to the specific purposes you have in mind.



Fastening the blade directly to the draw arm creates a rigid and strong machine that is tougher than any blade in its weight class whether you are pulling or back blading.



Now Featuring control through Joystick.

The combination of 3 angles of movement up/down; left/right; blade rotation, give a great degree of control when you are working forward, backward, behind or to the side of your tractor. 


Available Options

- 2 foot retractable side blades for moving larger amounts of material.

- Hydraulic over joystick control. To speed up and improve work flow.