HEavy breaking disk


Features : 

(Notice: all specs and disc arrangements can be modified to fit your needs.)

-  14.5 foot working width

 -  36 or 42  inch discs at 800 lb pressure

-   880 lb spring trip pressure

-   Indiviually tripped discs



After a 2 years and several thousand acres of prototyping.  Cardale Tech is happy to present our Heavy Breaking Disc.

The Idea of our Heavy breaking is based on the following.  Breaking discs break.  You can build the toughest machine in the world but when you are using it to break new ground and you are constantly running your machine over rocks, roots , stumps and sticks. At some point it will break.

So in the past we have used a variety of heavy discs on the market and they all had one major problem.  When you have a lot of discs in one gang and a bearing goes, then the entire gang is out of action.   This will cause the  machine to plug. The only choice left is packing it up for the day, returning home and replacing the bearing. This can take precious days as you wait for special parts to make their way to you. Once you have the spare parts its a very heavy job that often requires assitance from either a small engine crane or another person to shift the heavy parts around as you are working.  

So we wanted to build a breaking disc that has individually suspended discs.  Right of the bat  it allows you to keep working if a bearing or disc fails.  Remove the bolt holding the spindle, pull the spindle out and you can keep working.  Then when you are done with your project you can return home  and replace the broken bearing without a lot of additional support


Working 1.JPG
Working 2.JPG


We have found a few additional benefits from the individual suspended disc setup.  One of the biggest ones is saving disc wear.  This is mostly due to the fact that we put far less stress on each disc when they ride over large rocks.  As the disc that rides over said rock does not need to carry the weight of the entire gang of discs. 

In addition keeping discs as open as possible reduces opportunity for  mud and clay  filled roots to build up and block the machine.  Even if biomass builds up there is no need to grab a crowbar to clear the gang. Simply back up slowly and the discs will clean themselves.