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-   PTO driven, high volume

-    Up to 8000 imperial gal per min.

-    12 and 16 inch diameter, tripple flyting auger pumps.

-   Simple and tough.

-   Hydraulic lift and sink.

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-  Self-priming, will not seize or burn out when dry.

-  Does not plug even in the dirtiest water.

-   Hoses, hose-reel and PTO shaft available.


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The PTO Water Pumps are simple and quick to setup. Just pull up to your water source. Unreel your Hose. Back the pump into the water and lower it using our hydraulic system. Connect your hose and start pumping. 



 1 Daily grease point and 4 grease points needing service every few hundred hours, service can be wrapped up in minutes. No filters to clean , no worries about mud, ice or plant debris. The PTO Water Pump can handle any water source all year long.


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- Hose Reel on Pump or Tow behind wagon for Hoses.

- Hose, 200' or any custom length up a recommend single hose lenght of 250'. Hoses can be chained together

- PTO Shaft


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Dimensions :  Height: 6' (with reel), Width: 4.5' , Length: 30'

PTO Speed:   540 or 1000 with step down spline.

HP required: min 40HP for 12 inch and 110 for 16 inch

Gallons per minute: 4000 for 12 inch pumps and 8000 for 16 inch pumps (at 1000 PTO rpm)

Water Push distance: Tested up to 1000' 

Water Push Height: Tested up to 30'